maandag 23 juli 2018

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s
Top 5 artists listened to last week…

We’ve got three weeks of incredibly heavy lifting coming at us. Three weeks of work that will definitely impair our HiVe actions. And that while a heatwave hits this little crazy country. It’s gonna get intense. But we’ll manage… Somehow… And we hope to listen to some good stuff here and there when we find the time. And I’m sure we will! The past week we got treated to so many kick ass records, it almost feels a crime to only mention the five we listened to the most. We’ve been listening to 1968 for a while, loving their new record Ballads Of The Godless. And when the news came the label is dicking them around we immediately grabbed it again and kept finding new stuff to dig. The psychedelic blues roots shine through with a righteous glimmer and bounces heavy rock and stoner layers. Absolute gold! Head on over to Outlaws Of The Sun and read what Steve Howe had to say about this one. Tidal Waves by Tranquilo washed over us with a strange sensation of heavy psychedelics with a punky and metal approach. Very grimy and very DIY! The Legendary Tigerman from Portugal, recorded his latest album in the legendary Rancho De La Luna studio. Dirty Water Records puts it out and the gritty blues roots and punk adagio that covers the record titled Misfit add to the magical story of a man that wants to lose himself in the desert. Groovy here, danceable there, heavy like a freight train or thirst quenching like the desert rain! Amazing from the first to the last track! Red Sun Rising’s new album Thread came out through New Razor & Tie and we mentioned it a week ago. There’s something about this record, it repels and attracts! Like a jukebox magnet! And the past few days we’ve listened to almost nothing else but the new Komatsu record! New Horizon, out on Argonauta Records, will be hitting the globe in a big month, and the four Komatsu super massive mothersludgers will take it by storm! So check’m out! Check’m all out!

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