woensdag 18 juli 2018

Haunted – Dayburner

Haunted – Dayburner
Twin Earth Records – 2018
Rock, Doom, Occult, Metal
Rated: ****

For some weird and probably insane reason we never mentioned that amazing self-titled debut Haunted delivered back in 2016. But when the July edition of the Doom Charts rolled around and their new album featured highly, we jumped at the possibility to write a few words about that one. For it had been spinning like crazy over at the HiVe war bunker… The new Dayburner record continues on, where that luscious occult doom self-titled debut released by Haunted in 2016 left off. But then our world shifts and changes and the amount of variation doubles and Haunted doubles down on giving their own spin on everything doom. This album has it all! Sweltering leads, aggressive drums, floating vocals and ominous riffs. But you can switch those words around as well. Cause that’s how impressively varied this album is! So, check out the debut if you haven’t and check out Dayburner! Both are amazing and the growth promises even bigger things for the future!

(Written by JK)

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