vrijdag 29 juni 2018

Starmonger – Revelation: III

Starmonger – Revelation: III
Self released – 2018
Rock, Hard, Stoner, NWOBHM
Rated: ****

It's only a small mention. A quick prod in your general direction to make you sit up and take notice. Which is fitting in this case... For, it’s only two tracks strong this release. But two damn good ones! It’s the third release by a power trio form the outskirts of Paris, France. Starmonger is the name they go by and Revelation: III is the name of the EP. Two intense stoner truckers heavy on the fuzz, big on the riffs and with influences from hardrock to NWOBHM this will not only turn on the stoner fiends; it will cause all metalheads to sit up and take notice like the crazy meerkats that we are. A few of the influences they name themselves are Truckfighters, Red Fang, Sungrazer and Baroness. Some of which are indeed obvious, and all of them are the right influences to have! Check’m out! Starmonger! We are damn sure all of you freaks will dig the hell out of ‘em!

(Written by JK)

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