maandag 26 maart 2018

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s
Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Another week starts… With another king hell of a hangover. So, that means we should put up the Top 5 of Most Listened albums of the past week. That always clears the head right up. Putting on some good music to listen to while typing out the Top 5, that’s how it starts, how it always starts. Today we go for the new Tranzat album, a bandname that reminded Doktor420 of a ‘transgender Tarzan’. But the music does not! The Great Disaster definitely deserves your attention! But it is not among the Top 5. Those bands are: Shields, The Sword, Earthless, Stone Temple Pilots and Lonely Kamel. All of them have new albums out and all of them need to be listened to on a regular basis! Well, Bill Goodman made us check out the new Stone Temple Pilots and we must say it is not bad. But it doesn’t seem to do anything for us either. The new Used Future out on Razor & Tie by The Sword has a similar effect, though that may just take a moment or two more to sink in. Lonely Kamel’s Death's-Head Hawkmoth album out on Stickman Records on the other hand has the opposite effect, a real zinger! As good a Dust Devil or even better! Shields is fun. Had to listen to it a couple of times to let all the fun shine through. But with all fun records, they usually do not last long. Once you’ve heard the punchline; a couple of times, the joke turns stale. We fear this might happen the Use Protection album as well. And then there’s Black Heaven by Earthless, out on Nuclear Blast and recorded in Rancho De La Luna, highly anticipated, to say the least. Obviously good, but how good, that will take a little more time… As is the case with so many more albums. So let’s check’m out! All of them! Yes! All of them!

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