woensdag 22 maart 2017

Goya – Harvester of Bongloads

Goya – Harvester of Bongloads
STB Records – 2017
Doom, Metal
Rated: *****

I knew Goya were good but had no idea that this album would top everything they had produced before. After being welded to my earphones all week, this, Harvester of Bongloads, is already a contender for album of the year. Misery and gloom spread their atmospheric mimosa of suffering throughout the four tracks and children, the doom is strong in this one. Of course it is heavy. Of course it is full of bluesy fuzzed solos. Of course there are nods to Sabbath but ….. and this is a huge fucking but …… Goya are no copyists. Goya are forging ahead with their own sound and fully deserve to be mentioned alongside Sleep and Electric Wizard. That is how good I think this album is. In fact you should be playing this now instead of reading my drivel. Free your mind, free your body and worship at the altar of Goya. Doom is alive and well baby, fly your freak flag, light up your bong and head bang until you pass out.

(Written by Tony Maim)

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