dinsdag 23 augustus 2016

Indica Blues – Ruins On The Shore

Indica Blues – Ruins On The Shore
Self released – 2016
Rock, Doom, Psych, Stoner, Desert, Metal
Rated: ****

Released in March, the new Ruins On The Shore EP by British quartet Indica Blues has suddenly picked up speed and garnered loads of attention in the past weeks. And justly so! Starting with a slower doomy approach on the first track, passionate guitar colors and powerful riffs, it turns even heavier and huge on the second song. And that build-up to bigger and better keeps on going. Full of intense riffage and masterful grooves the four tracks immediately captivate and hold you hostage. Drifting on that last bit of wreckage that survived the storm, you waft along looking for that distant shore. This is thirty minutes of brilliantly executed heavy doom without every become too doomy. Never going the evil or vintage route, for instead, they opt for massiveness and colossal. Never speeding up or slowing down, they make lumbering through the wasted landscapes their main goal and do this expertly. And with that Indica Blues turn into an example for all those bands out there who want to try their hand at one hypnotic speed as well… Because these guys are one of the few who know how to do it right!

(Written by JK)

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