woensdag 10 augustus 2016

Buffalo Crows – Bovonic Empire

Buffalo Crows – Bovonic Empire
Self released – 2016
Rock, Metal, Southern, Stoner, NWOBHM, Blues, Proto
Rated: ****

We loved the Primitive Grind record and that album made us revisit their first release Black Tooth Grin to see where the Aussie freaks of Buffalo Crows had come from. After which we knew we had to keep track of the progression these guys would make. Cause that much was obvious. They were going to grow like a magic beanstalk. So we were pleasantly surprised by their Ashes To Ashes tribute cover when Bowie passed away. And by the single Clusterfuk which came before that. One of which is featured as a secret bonus track on their new nine track album Bovonic Empire. And guess who else is featured?! It is Paul Mario Day, vocalist for such bands as More, Wildfire, Sweet and most famously Iron Maiden. He performs on The Tempest, Rivers Of Regret and Defenders. Three tracks that immediately move into that NWOBH direction and have this surging energy. (But also make them sound a bit like a latter day The Cult.) They have also had the honor of Dave Tice from Australian proto metal formation Buffalo and name giving inspiration for BC to make an appearance on the bluesy track Buffalo Rising and gypsy freak troubadour Otis Edgar to do some growling vocals on Monte Cristo. But don’t forget about the rest, cause they have no difficulty capturing your imagination. And perhaps even more so! Starting with the zany and delicious opening song Trog, inspired by Beefheart and the seventies movie with the same name. Damn well need to see that film now! And after that, the musical diamonds keep on coming, with Crawling Off The Edge Of The World topping it all perhaps. Excelling in pure proto metal bliss and honoring all those that came before but never actually got a chance. Awesome drumwork, outrageous vocals and a fanatical harmonica! Buffalo Crows, lords of the Bovonic Empire, we profess our undying loyalty and we will follow them into glory or death!

(Written by JK)

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