donderdag 8 januari 2015

JK’s - Personal Top 20

JK’s - Personal Top 20

Depending on the mood, place and longing…

1.    Rosebank, single cask strength, distilled in 1973, bottled in 2001. Without a doubt the best whisky I ever had the pleasure of tasting. Nose: sherry, oak, chocolate. Taste: heavy, wood, rubber, tar. Finish: very long, powerful, wood, grassy fields.

2.    There are so many number two’s…

But here are my personal Top 20 albums of 2014…

As all of you lovely freaks out there know; it’s not easy making a list and checking it twice. Cause it all depends on your mood and the places shift at the very moment you think you’re done. When you take a look the next day you replace five albums with different ones and this goes on and on… In the end though, this year, I had a definite top 5. After which a top 8 took form and after that a lot of albums kept entering the top 20 and leaving it again.  Cause it would be just as easy to draw up a list of a hundred great albums. It has been a majestic year with so many great albums. So many. So I guess we should just be thankful for all that great music, shut up and listen…

My Personal Top 20

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  1. i forgot Monobrow, they're absolutely splendid too. The only bad thing about them is that they don't tour. We need a petition or a law, or something. Make them come to Europe. I require instrumental riffage of the highest order.

  2. Great idea! Cause I would love to see them live one day!