zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Goya – Satan’s Fire EP

Goya – Satan’s Fire EP
Self Released – 2014
Stoner, Doom
Rated: *****

Goya remind you why their debut album “777” was such a blast to listen to at the end of 2013. This EP continues in much the same vein – 19 minutes of riffs, heaviness and Doom. Sludgy stoner rock tunes struggle to emerge from the filthy sounding instruments that are more distorted than the speakers in The Devil’s car that have been turned up to number 11 and is being ridden down the lower depths of hell, windows open, elbows hanging out the door frame and a horde of demons head-banging on the back seats. Marijuana Doom has never sounded this good. As a taster for the next album, it is an appetite whetter of huge proportions. These newish kids on the block are coming to kick the fuck out of the established favourites.  You have been warned.

(Written by Tony)

psst. And did you ever get around checking out their demo from 2012?

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