woensdag 30 juli 2014

The Coyotes Dessert – The Wedding

The Coyotes Dessert – The Wedding
Domino Media Agency/Self released – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Pop
Rated: ****

These French fella’s have a sweet tooth. Which is logical since their hometown Marseille is one of the drug ports of Europe and filled with tons of insane criminals who just as easily take you out for a night on the town as demand you pay their gas for their beat-up old Opel Ascona and give up your wallet before they take you out altogether. Yes, we’ve had fun and edgy times in Marseille. But if we would have met the fella’s from The Coyotes Dessert things would have turned out much differently and would probably have gone off the rails in an entirely different fashion. Cause on their debut album The Wedding the guys show their rock heart with their balls out. With obvious nods towards Queens Of The Stone Age they weave their own path through the desert. Which seems to incorporate just as much punk, indie, pop, billy, Americana and something noir that you soon forget their QOTSA beginnings. It soon takes on a life of its own; which has you imagining Faith No More merging with Masters Of Reality or Foo Fighters with Jane’s Addiction. But above it all rise the riffs, guitar lines and the quality of the songs; that have you bopping and dancing as much as you do with the other stoner pop records you have come to love so much…

(Written by JK)

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