vrijdag 27 juni 2014

Molior Superum – The Inconclusive Portrait

Molior Superum – The Inconclusive Portrait
H42 Records/Self released – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Seventies, Garage
Rated: ****

As soon as that chased voice starts wailing over the rumbling and crashing drums you’re hooked and the remaining eight minutes are spent in utter head nodding bliss. The boys from Molior Superum return to us with a two track single called The Inconclusive Portrait after releasing their amazing Into The Sun album in 2012. Still claiming their very own version of high energy stoner garage and seventies psychedelica that exhumes something classic; the two tracks continue where their full-sized album left off. It all sounds even fuller and more mature; and where the wildness from Into The Sun could deter some listeners from fully grasping the exquisite quality of the songs. On the new single it serves as a high crested wave to surf from; keeping your head held high and above the water at all times and always making sure it never swallows you whole. But it’s still there and it still highly groovy and has you jumping around looking for some dune boogie to party on. And those two tracks has you lusting for more Molior Superum…

(Written by JK)

ps. The band picture above is taken at the amazing Lake On Fire festival in Waldhausen, Austria. And yes. Everyone should go.

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