donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Lion Farm – Bells of The Fallen

Lion Farm – Bells of The Fallen
Self released – 2013
Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Stoner, Metal, Doom, Punk
Rated: *****

Back in 2012 the Canadian foursome Lion Farm brought us a highly entertaining first self-titled EP. And now they’re back with a follow-up called Bells Of The Fallen. And they have retained that menacing, blood dripping from your claws and sweat marinating on your back atmosphere and have managed to make it even more brooding. The sound is pregnant with depraved danger and antique evil and surges through your veins like an involuntary heroin shot. With a lo-fi adagio perfectly captured by producer Murray Lightburn (The Dears) the six songs are exquisite lullabies for the doomed and the desperate. It will wire your brain to the water pump and your ears to the generator; it will make you howl for cool drink and remember those first moments when a foreign city suddenly loomed in front of you. You always immediately think it is a vision and you are in fact somewhere ripped to tits on crank and listening to powerful music like Bells Of The Fallen…

(Written by JK)

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