vrijdag 19 juli 2013

The Heavy Co. - Midwest Electric

The Heavy Co. - Midwest Electric
DPR Records – 2013
Stoner, Psychedelic, Garage
Rated: ***

It doesn’t take long to see the influences for Indiana’s own The Heavy Co. The group kicks off the album with a wheezing, cough intro a la Master of Reality. They then proceed to walk through a wide spectrum of retro styles on their sophmore effort, Midwest Electric. “The Humboldt County Waltz” is a driving, hard rocker with vague southern overtones. Generally Midwest Electric becomes more laid-back, psychedelic and tunes tend to drift into the lava-lamp lit vestige of the 70’s most drugged out bands. “Neil Young” starts off what could be a serious CSNY throwback; only the thick organ that permeates the track is way more psychedelic than anything you’d hear on an early Neil Young record. The ensuing “Greasy Much” sounds like a lost Flower Travellin’ Band track. The best example of Heavy Co’s  70s cherry-picking is “One Big Drag”, which starts out innocently enough (or maybe its maliciously enough?) with a textbook Sabbath riff, only to launch into the Hendrixsphere with a fiery solo which melts down into a suitably 70s funk rock ending. The only indicator of modernity to Heavy Co. may be the vocals, which have an understated 90’s Alt rock vibe to them. Care to explore the sonic palates of the rock heroes of yore? Let The Heavy Co. be your guide.

(Written by Matthew McGarity)

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