donderdag 4 juli 2013

Red Fang, The Sword and Komatsu at the Effenaar, Eindhoven

Red Fang, The Sword and Komatsu at the Effenaar, Eindhoven

It was hot and sweaty in Eindhoven. Even though the temperature wasn’t that high the rainfront that was moving in made everything humid, clammy and desirable. It was a promise of something. A storm, a marvelous night or even a righteous adventure. And what better way to herald such a night than to see a couple of bands level a packed venue in your hometown. After the cancellation of Clutch the bill still contained three exciting bands that can stand tall on every stage. The early evening started of with Komatsu paving the way for all the heaviness to come. A tad bit sloppy guitar and too precise drumwork made the beginning sound both clinical and shaky. But that was only the beginning; cause after they picked up speed Komatsu steamrolled through a half filled venue with feverous energy and a strangeling aggression that got everyone riled up for more. Especially after the Slo Burn cover July… 

After which The Sword had it easy. The crowd has swelled and as the vintage sound of The Sword moved across the floor the heads bopped and the bodies moved. Grins facewide, sedutive smiles and eerie recollections of memories that might not even have happened. The Sword seemed to play a homeshow and had everyone eating out of their palms. Impressive guitarwork that changed color as they revisited old songs and played their new stuff. Loads of young folk in the crowd. Most of them had come for the closing act but were now in love with The Sword as well. 

But when it comes to blowing people apart and stealing everyones heart; Red Fang takes the cake and eats it too with a truckload of beer to wash it down. Holy hell; what a revenge. For on Speedfest back in December they did not convince all that much. But the fun gang put on one hell of a show after becoming the headliner of this mini-tour. Still somewhat in awe of the reception by the crowd the guys seem to enjoy every second on stage and decided to bounce that energy right back. From the first tones till the very last they pounded and pounded till every little bit of doubt was battered and bruished and transformed into full on believe. Indeed; Red Fang is heading for greatness!  

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