woensdag 12 juni 2013

Crybaby Deathmatch – Triumph of the Wounded Animal

Crybaby Deathmatch – Triumph of the Wounded Animal
Self released – 2013
Rock, Stoner, Punk, Metal, Doom
Rated: ***

Crybaby Deathmatch apparently started out in the late nineties under the moniker Needlebliss and played rip off music from bands like Iron Monkey. But after years of jamming they have come into their own and are now producing damn fine ruckus. On their first EP entitled Triumph Of The Wounded Animal they sound like a hybrid monster re-incarnation of Motörhead, MC5, Queens Of The Stone Age and something that reminds of the great rock’n roll bands of the seventies and some small efforts from old school heavy metal outfits. Their Lo-fi and sometimes even open source sounding recording add to the obscurity of the tracks but does not aid in the acceptance of the obvious awesomeness of these guys. For it sometimes distracts from the sweet riffs, melodies and tight grooving yet aggressive drums. The EP might be an acquired taste; but one that can be procured by everyone and will leave a savory taste in your mouth…

(Written by JK)

And for all you freaks out there living in London… Go check’m out on June 21ste at the Midsummer Bash at the Boston Music Room together with the great Death Ape Disco!

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