vrijdag 19 april 2013

Roadburn - 2013 - Thursday

Roadburn 2013

The  only real problem every year at Roadburn is the simple fact that there is so much or should we say nearly everything to consume. Making it impossible to catch it all. And sometimes one might decide to leave a damn good show to see what the other band or artist is doing. Patronaat, the venue across the 013, which was added last year has improved even more and is a definite plus for the festival. Highlights on the Thursday were Blues Pills, Royal Thunder, John Baizley together with Nate Hall and Katie Jones, Intronaut, The Midnight Ghost Train and ofcourse High On Fire. Monsieur Pike and friends might not have been the tightest this night but they still blew everyone away... Beer gut and all!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's all about Wo Fat this year at Roadburn. Can't wait to see them in Paris on Tuesday.

  2. Indeed. Wo Fat is gonna be awesome!

    Although I think Monomyth, Jess And The Ancient Ones and Elder will also be tasty!