dinsdag 16 april 2013

Jacknife Holiday – Mea Culpa

Jacknife Holiday – Mea Culpa
Self-Released - 2013
Sludge, Hardcore, Doom
Rated: ****

Jacknife Holiday is heavy company for your delicate ears.  Their lead singer is currently serving time in prison (although he’ll be out shortly), not to make light of a bad situation, but I wouldn’t be surprised to discover he was sent up for kicking listeners’ heads in because that’s what the band does on record.  Their latest effort, a 4-track EP entitled ‘Mea Culpa’, is like a fistfight.  After a short slow intro down a dark alley that can only hint at the coming shitstorm, the heart rate increases as things get heated before a calm washes over the proceedings just as things are about to really fly off the handle.  The eye of the shitstorm, where instinct takes over, is reserved for slow hulking riffs.  The air gets thicker and the world slows down around the band’s raging fury.  Overall ‘Mea Culpa’ is made up of these rotating moments, downhill momentum that comes upon brick walls of confrontation.  It’s a short and intense blast of doom sludge poured into a foundation of hardcore and then whipped into a frenzy.

(Written by Lucas)

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