maandag 8 april 2013

Giant Monster Attack - Cropduster

Giant Monster Attack - Cropduster
Self-Released - 2013
Stoner Metal, Hard Rock, Doom
Rated: ***

From the rather ‘appetizing’ cover art one might get the impression that this is some kind of punk band or something along the lines of erstwhile weirdo metal heavyweights Green Jellÿ.  Not the case.  Giant Monster Attack music is off the scales heavy, but however heavy in might be it is not suffocating.  There’s the catchy simplicity of rock n roll, full of open spaces and elbowroom.  This music is, in a word, crunchy.  This is pour gasoline along the exits and set fire from the inside music.  Everything about this record is heavy, man, heavy.  The vocals are rude and gruff, they sing of rude and gruff things, earning them a parental advisory on itunes.  The strings are thick, slow burning fuzz barbed with dirty needles.  The drums are an altogether different beast.  At times, Dr. Nick’s drumming can be as robotic and precise as a pre-meditated murder, deliberate and heavy, always adding an element of danger funk to the party.  Did I mention this album is heavy?  With very little in the way of melodic counterpoint the band prefers to throw the listener into the deep low end without so much as a life preserver.

(Written by Lucas)

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