donderdag 17 januari 2013

Green Shade – Bright Interlude

Green Shade – Bright Interlude
Self released – 2012
Rock, Stoner, Seventies, Psychedelica
Rated: ****

Ever since discovering the Croatian coast, islands, its wines and the great food the country has captured my heart. And then Cojones came and showed that there were also amazing bands scouring in the towns hiding and developing their craft. Well; there’s a next great band on the horizon. They’re called Green Shade and hail from the city of Vinkovci. On their first four track EP entitled Bright Interlude recorded during their apparently boring summer of 2012 the guys produce seminal stoner riffs and rhythms and use impressive lines and touching vocals to weave their psychedelic tapestry. They masterfully slow down to a lumbering giant dragging its firewood across the earth before suddenly speeding up to a running funky groove. It faintly reminds of Cream goodness and of stone bicycles and whirling storms outside a sheltering forest. If it takes a slow boring summer to produce these kind of fine tracks; here’s hoping that every summer will become boring for these fellas!

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