vrijdag 1 juni 2012

Boyjazz – Unlimited Nights & Weekends

Boyjazz – Unlimited Nights & Weekends
For Once Records – 2012
Rock, Classic, Metal, Hard, Glam, Garage
Rated: ***

It all started when two guys met at University somewhere in the summer of 2002. Two years later their first record appeared filled with drum machine beats and sleazy garage hair metal-esque funness. The album was called In The City Tonight and reminds of Eagles of Death Metal and Kiss and Sabbath, T-Rex, Grand Funk, Ted Nugent, Ween and the cheekiness of The Darkness. They called themselves Boyjazz and soon figured that translating their music to a stage would require a full-fledged band. They found three outer freaks and started touring. Come 2006 saw them entering the studio to record a follow-up; which due to label problems got shelved. Until now! For it has been released in a very limited edition of 500 pieces and takes you down to the party they started in 1980, errr 2002; but with a richer and fuller sound. It’s highly entertaining amusing rock ‘n roll that deals with glam, metal, classic, hardrock, punk, stoner, garage and all with a very own distinct wit and comic attitude. Pop open a beer can and fire up the barbecue! It’s party time!

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