dinsdag 24 april 2012

Arenna – Beats of Olarizu

Arenna – Beats of Olarizu
Nasoni – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Space, Doom, Psychedelics
Rated: *****

The Basque five of Arenna delivered a high-powered high eclectic space rock album called Beats Of Olarizu in 2011. Founded in 2005 the five amigos quickly got to work on their own material releasing a demo recording in 2007. Beats Of Olarizu is their official debut and of a totally different level. It starts out as a heavy fuzzed out stoner album that slowly transforms into something more doom orientated and then back again. They seem to have a knack for keeping the repetition simple but fresh and interesting till the very very end. Slowly however that dry desert air is replaced with a fresh and lucious spring feeling that makes you fly along side colorful birds until the kaleidoscopic riff waves roll over you. After which the highly psychedelic and hypnotic adventure becomes an epic experience. And once your trip through the cosmos has finished the dust in your clenched fists will have turned into diamonds thanks to the magical tones of Arenna…

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