dinsdag 1 november 2011

Tracer – Spaces In Between

Tracer – Spaces In Between
Mascot/Cool Green – 2011
Rock, Stoner, Hard
Waardering: ****

Often labeled as the Australian bastard child of a weird summer love happening between Soundgarden and Fu Manchu; these young dogs have been around since 2004. Tracer was formed by the Brown brothers and drummer Andre Wise who also played in the earlier incarnation aptly called: The Brown Brothers. With already the Into The Night EP from 2006 and the L.A. album released in 2009 under their belt they toured Europe extensively getting attention from record label Mascot. Who immediately signed them and released their new record Spaces In Between. The record starts off with hefty stoner and gradually becomes more and more grunge and hardrock. Their forte; judging by their tight riffing, tasty hooks and sweet dose of nasty rock ’n roll. The biggest reason however that we claim Tracer to be the bastard child comes from singer Michael Brown whose gullet sounds a lot like Chris Cornell during his better days. Who knows; maybe one day, in a distant future, even Cornell might once again make a great album just like these guys…

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