woensdag 16 november 2011

Kingshifter - Woes of The Abysmal

Kingshifter - Woes of The Abysmal
Self released – 2011
Rated: ****

Six tight, hard and stomping tracks. The American Kingshifter starts chopping away with a blunt axe from the very first tones and leaves a pretty heavy and deep indent, so to speak. Their first EP Woes Of The Abysmal is a sweet collection of measured and fierce riffs, ditto hooks and powerful drums. The four amigos must love bands like Down and C.O.C. for the straightforward heavy rock and metal they put forward reminds of those bands. Served with enough variation it never slows down or makes your attention falter. But Kingshifter is different; it’s more accessible and seems like the perfect beachhead to conquer the other bands should one not be too familiar with this kind of fantastic music. Praiseworthy is also singer Sprout with his diverse ways of deliverance; raw, sharp, clean, concise and gravelly. Kingshifter; sweet stuff!

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