dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Night Beats – Night Beats

Night Beats – Night Beats
Trouble In Mind – 2011
Rock, Sixties, Surf, Psychedelic, Garage
Waardering: ****

Memories of years never lived, psychedelic experiences in dark caverns and Roky Erickson dancing in front of you with the tip of a needle right in front of your eyeball. There’s no old scratched vinyl of some obscure sixties band spinning on the record player but a brand new one. It’s the guys from Night Beats who originated from Texas but are now operating from Seattle who with their gravelly and sleazy garage rock tap straight into the heart of the soul of years long gone. And even though they add little to the musical experiments from those years; they know exactly how to perform their version of everything that came before them with the utmost perfection. Screaming guitars drowning in fuzz, flat tin can drums and a wailing and yelping singer who dance before you in Day-Glo paint in the right combination of lo-fi production and crackling reverb. Like a wonderful dream that fades at the morning light but makes every fiber in your body tingle for the remainder of the day…

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  1. Excellent record! But apparently the singer wasn't too happy with the outcome and a new one is already in the works!