woensdag 28 september 2011

Wizards of Firetop Mountain – Demo

Wizards of Firetop Mountain – Demo
Self released – 2011
Stoner, Doom, Pyschedelic
Waardering: ****

On their first demo recording the Irish buds of Wizards of Firetop Mountain have us enjoying a wonderful mix of stoner and psychedelic seventies rock with a few little ditties of doom influences for ten whole minutes. Albeit a bit short it is already enough to make us understand that from all the new bands choosing this direction these five fella’s got enough ability to stand out from the pack. The double guitars not only want to shred and riff; no they also know when one note is enough. Formerly a drummer and now singing for the first time Dunchee, (who Roadburn campers might remember from a bus ride full of AC/DC covers) has feeling all the way down to his toes and only has to improve slightly on his ability. And drummer Ror uses pointy punk drumming a complete new and lucious way. The old classic rock feeling of when everything was happening in a new jacket; now all it takes is a full-size album to enchant us all…

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  1. Yeah, great demo. Let's make sure that we have a beer with these guys next Roadburn!

    Or how about a little pre-Roadburn festival on Wednesday? With all those starting out bands? Maybe in the Paradox. Call it 'Paradox Burns'?!

    Ho ho!