woensdag 22 juni 2011

Smoke Mohawk – The Dogs Are Turning Red

Smoke Mohawk – The Dogs Are Turning Red
Impeller Recordings – 2010
Rock, Psychedelica, Sixties, Garage
Waardering: ***

The Norwegian Smoke Mohawk could be categorized as a supergroup; although most of their former bands will not immediately ring a bell amongst all listeners. Though Gluecifer surely will, We perhaps and let’s hope that one of the best bands ever does too: My Midnight Creeps. They also played in a grand list of other projects; namely: Turbonegro, Smut Peddlers, Vidar Vang, The Lust-O-Rama, Astroburger, The Highrollers, Stone-O-Saurus, Asbury Park, LoveOctopus and Bela B. After only a few jam-sessions the guys decided to start playing a truckload of different styles and conquer the charts and eventually the world with their sound. The last goal will probably never come to fruition; but enchanting the listener with their stroll through musical history surely will. The Dogs Are Turning Red is a wonderful debut album which mostly just shows the enormous potential this formation possesses. And with the promise of a new album in 2011; we wait patiently in our basket like a good little doggy…

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  1. Yeah! Good album and yet another one from the MMC clan that found a new spot for themselves! Love it!