vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Slaves to Gravity – Underwaterouterspace

Slaves to Gravity – Underwaterouterspace
Steamhammer/SPV – 2011
Rock, Hard, Alternative
Waardering: **

On a mopish day somewhere in London around the year of 2002 four gentlemen started a band called The Ga Ga’s. For a period of four years the four of them gave us their version of smooth hardrock without the raw edge. When guitarist Rob Willis decided to leave the band in 2006; the rest decided to dissolve the entire band. Immediately after that decision the three remaining members together with a new guitarplayer founded Slaves Of Gravity. Two years later they released their first album Scatter The Crow and now we have their second Underwaterouterspace. Recorded with a new drummer it goes forth with where they left off. They call it alternative rock but is in the vein of one present everywhere and brought to you by bands like Creed, Alter Bridge and Velvet Revolver. Add to this a dash of Soundgarden and a sniff of Stone Temple Pilots and you are left with a not very original mixture. We have heard it all before and usually better. But hey; it sure is easy listening while jig-sawing a picture of a kitty riding on a turtle…

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