dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Naughty Mouse – Naughty Mouse

Naughty Mouse – Naughty Mouse
Self released – 2011
Waardering: ***

Due to work and concert stuff I have forgotten to post the weekend break album to this Rancho De La Luna Month we are having; so here goes nothing… The guys from the Belgian Naughty Mouse released their first EP counting three songs last year. Did those three songs remind on occasion a bit too much of Queens of The Stone Age. Well; their full-sized album does just that even more. Nothing wrong when it is done with this kind of quality. Though it gets a bit annoying from time to time. For instance when we hear The Mute which surely has to be meant as a second part to The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret by QOTSA. The five of them seem to want to bring and ode to everything that has something to do with Palm Desert stoner. And since I am known to dig odes and everything Palm Desert it can get my approval. If more people will get a hotflash from this album; and how long it will actually stay warm is the question though. Cause the original is almost always better…

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  1. Good album but indeed a lot like QOTSA. And only the 'poppy' parts at that.