woensdag 18 mei 2011

Millionaire – Paradisiac

Millionaire – Paradisiac
PIAS – 2005
Waardering: ***

A second Belgian connection with the Rancho De La Luna studios is ofcourse found in the person of Timmy ‘Tipover’ Vanhamel. He not only played along on the first Eagles of Death Metal record Peace, Love And Death Metal from 2004 and fed Josh Homme’s inspiration with his own band Millionaire and their first album Outside The Simian Flock; and especially with the song Pretty Thug. He also had Josh Homme produce their second album Paradisiac, which was partly recorded with the help of Alain Johannes. We can also hear Aldo Struyf on the record and as we all know: he’s responsible for those wonderful Creature With The Atom Brain albums. But let’s jet back to Paradisiac. Most of it was recorded at the fabled Sound studios in LA and parts at the Rancho; ofcourse the tweaking was certainly done at the Rancho. But then again, it sounds like it was recorded at the crossroad of chaos, panic, beauty and sex. Much harder and less funky then their first album it was guided by the hand of Mr. Homme. He decided which studio’s to use in LA and where to practice and from what time to what time. But also made sure like a protective big brother that nobody else interfered with the recording process. In the end the guys wished they would have had more time in the studio and more time to experiment. Although one listening to Paradisiac for the first time after hearing Outside The Simian Flock might think that the entire record is one big experiment. It is raw like Motörhead, heavy like Monster Magnet and savage like Rage Against The Machine; and all that is dosed with electric spices and freaky sampling. Aah yes; too bad the guys decided to go their separate ways after this…

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