vrijdag 20 mei 2011

Creature With The Atom Brain – Transylvania

Creature With The Atom Brain – Transylvania
Munich – 2009
Rock, Groove, Psychedelic
Waardering: ****

And once again today we add another Belgian connection to the Rancho De La Luna month. Creature With The Atom Brain is the project of Aldo Struyf who is better known for his work with Millionaire and Mark Lanegan. And it was during the recording of Bubblegum that he first set foot in the Rancho. And till he released the second full-sized album to the CWTAB project called Transylvania he saw his work on Bubblegum, where he plays synthesizer, as his best work yet. “My Best album would be Bubblegum. Although my participation is limited, I think it’s the best album I played on because of the wealth of great musicians appearing on it, and Mark’s superb songwriting and singing.” He then got Mark to sing on their first full album called I Am The Golden Gate Bridge which also featured some help from Chris Goss. And this second album was mastered completely by Goss and Ed Monsef at Goss’s new studio The Hacienda and again features a vocal part by Mr.Lanegan. The project got started at one point in time as something to do in the cold and dark winter months. It released two mini-LP’s The Snake and Kill The Snake before making their first record. And those might have been extremely experimental. I Am The Golden Gate Bridge took that experiment added some stoner and ran with it. Transylvania is better in every way. More psychedelic than the former and less stoner. Dark guitar-lines and freaky passages. Once named after a song by Roky Erickson and now then really in their footprints. The musical pallet is grand and exquisite. From Arabic and Mediterranean rock to jazz and prog from the sixties; from pure rawness to intense beauty. More than once the compositions lead to Goosebumps! (And the fact the guys talked mostly about food and cats during the entire process is not audible at all!)

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  1. Because Guestduder also thinks these guys are awesome and their music as well!!!