vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Samuel – Sunwheel

Samuel – Sunwheel
Motorwolf – 2001
Waardering: *****

Before these The Hague freaks changed the name into Samuel; the band was known for a very short period as Samuel Power Explosion. But this too was not the original name. Cause before this they were called Sunwheel or by their full moniker: Sunwheel Power Express. Under this name they released a self-titled seven-inch single. But due to the many and disturbing threats the guys received from right wing sympathizing idiots, they decided to change the name into Samuel. Maybe if we give the name of the drummer and a couple of the many bands he participates in more will become clear. We are of course referring to non-other then Motorwolf’s very own Guy Tavares. The man behind bands such as Panty Boy, Godzilla vs. Metalhead, Los Hermanos Rodriguez, White Trash Minstrels, Unit Moebius, Santa Cruz and his most known band Orange Sunshine. With Samuel we take a pure trip back to that psychedelic era of Blue Cheer, Hendrix and Sabbath. It all sounds so genuine, veritable, sincere and stunning; probably due to the enormous amount of authentic amps and other stuff owned by the Motorwolf studio. Absolutely brilliant! It’s a shame the man did not do more with this formation…

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