dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Dewolff – Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants

Dewolff – Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants
REMusic – 2009
Waardering: ****

In 2008 I was pleasantly surprised by the self-titled EP of the threesome hailing from the province called Limburg in the south of the Netherlands called Dewolff; and now there is a full album to enjoy. With a title like Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants there is simply only one direction to go from there: that off insane trips and psychedelic journeys. The music is exactly right for the era of discovery and musical innovation; that may now be called nostalgic. Sixties and seventies rock heroes like Cream, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd once exhumed. These young guns sound like they experienced it all themselves and the album as if it is the next record of a selection of wool dyed rock giants. And they’ve only just begun and at a very young age; but when you are able to write like this then music must be part of your genes and flowing freely in your blood. Less raw as the EP; but just as good. And how can it not be with such luscious use of the Hammond!

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  1. Here's big ol' Bubba with the DeWolff link! Their first one was terrific as well!