donderdag 18 november 2010

Triggerfinger – All This Dancin Around

Triggerfinger – All This Dancin Around
Excelsior – 2010
Waardering: *****

On their third studio-album All This Dancin Around, our Belgian Triggerfinger friends show once again that my above-board adoration for the gentlemen is absolutely well founded. The spectacularly tight drum-work of Goossens, the silent bass-strength of Bruystegem and the masterful tones, incredible voice and pure charisma of Block make the record vibrate with intense heat from the first to the last second. Recorded in the Sound City Studios in Los Angeles with the guidance of Greg Gordon (Slayer, Wolfmother) who listened with his mouth wide open to the powerful blues created by the guys; the album is one of absolute world-class level. His justified favorites All Night Long and Baby’s Got A Gun; fire out of the speakers. And the other nine songs are right up there with them. The entire record is even more ingenious and better constructed the their earlier ones. Intense, fierce, dangerous, horny and above all gruesomely good!

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