maandag 1 november 2010

Shaking Godspeed – Awe

Shaking Godspeed – Awe
Suburban / Quadrofoon – 2010
Waardering: *****

With their five songs counting ep Shaking Godspeed released at the beginning of 2010 we could already feel the earth shaking beneath the rockfirmament. What an incredibly righteous band was the conclusion made by one and all. Now that the band has released their first official full-size album the expectations are pretty damn high. But without any hesitation or doubt the guys deliver. With Paul Dierssen replacing Pieter Holkenborg, who wanted to continue on with his own band Automatic Sam, the threesome bring forth their pure rock taking to their perfect extremes. In the base their blues, garage and jamband related music has been intelligently composed and very excitingly colored in by raw excess and deranged drumfills and bassditties. For ten songs on end the band drags you along on a righteous rock-adventure after which they leave you tired but completely satisfied to catch yer breath. Shaking Godspeed; in awe and full wonderment!

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