vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Peter Pan Speedrock – We Want Blood

Peter Pan Speedrock – We Want Blood
Suburban – 2010
Waardering: ****

The trio from Eindhoven Rockcity, which has been making name for themselves under the aptly chosen moniker Peter Pan Speedrock, is back with a new album. We Want Blood is their tenth full album and was recorded in their very own studio. Thirteen heavy rocksongs that put the pedal to the metal and race to the finish line. Only the song Just Another Day takes the foot of the gas and the instrumental Bakkerburg seems to be the perfect pit stop for beer and gasoline. On other fronts it’s all hard, tight, dirty, mean and incredibly good. Hatseflats bass, hopsakee drums and swaydragging guitar! Peter Pan once again provides the daily needed dose of adrenaline and the right freakin festive energy. I for one cannot wait till Speedfest motherfuckers!

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