donderdag 17 juni 2010

Mondo Generator – Dog Food

Mondo Generator – Dog Food
Impedance – 2010
Waardering: ****

Nick Oliveri will always remain that highly unpredictable (often naked) bass-player who was a member of Kyuss and an important part of Queens of The Stone Age. But besides that he had his own projects of which Mondo Generator has always been his first love. Ideas and songs of that project were also used for Queens of The Stone Age as if it was his very own Desert Sessions. And now; in a prelude to the upcoming album Time To Destroy, we are treated to the EP Dog Food. Mostly filled with cover versions of songs by Iggy Pop, Turbonegro, Roky Erickson, Ramones and Kyuss. Most of which are featured in his notorious Death Acoustic style. Half or complete acoustic versions of hardrock songs signed with his own chaotic and screaming signature. The most important given of the entire EP is that on the track Dog Food we can hear The Fresh Prince of Darkness of The Dwarves, Happy Tom from Turbonegro, Michelle Madde of Tourettes and most alluring of all, giving hope for future generations, Dave Grohl as drummer! Who know what the future may bring… Who knows…?

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