donderdag 8 april 2010

Biggus Diccus – Twelve Inches of Love

Biggus Diccus – Twelve Inches of Love
Unsigned/Tuition – 2010
Waardering: ***

Unfortunately; not much information can be found about the Irish Biggus Dickus. Well, that makes it easy and fast so we can hit the bar and drink our fill. But let’s sum up what we do know. Everyone knows the Monty Python Biggus Diccus sketch of course. Well, this album called Twelve Inches of Love is the musical stoner variation on that sketch. Biggus Diccus is an Irish rockband with musical influences and aspirations sought in bands like Queens of The Stone Age, Black Sabbath and high quality lyrics found in acts like Turbonegro, Bad News and all that leads to an experience resembling a good old Spinal Tap scene. Its is all done very nicely; but with most parody acts you have had your fill after one, though very enjoyable, listening turn. Which is the case with Biggus Diccus; let’s hope that Declan Murray (the main man behind this thing, singer/songwriter and man behind The Unseen Guest and The Four In Hand) refrains from naming his next band after a seemingly dead Parrot…

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