woensdag 31 maart 2010

The Megaphonic Thrift – Decay Decoy

The Megaphonic Thrift – Decay Decoy
Hype City – 2010
Waardering: ****

The ugly and desperate year of 2009 will go into the books as the year of the supergroups! (When that name is considered to mean a group comprised of members of other already established bands.) One of those lesser-mentioned groups is called The Megaphonic Thrift, hailing from the Norwegian grounds of Bergen. Mostly because the members are from bands not known across the globe. Comprised of groups like Casiokids, The Low Frequency In Stereo, Syme and Stereo21 these four have now released a full-length album named Decay Decoy. The album focuses a lot on early years Sonic Youth and on deconstructing songs. They punch things up with heavy hook filled melodies and ear-crunching wall of sound bits. Intelligent breaks and repetition makes one think off and wander over to another band. No wonder their nickname is Queens of The Noise Age…

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