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AAWKS – The Figure



AAWKS – The Figure

We have this only slightly concealed major crush on AAWKS. Perhaps its not even concealed, and it actually shouldn't, cause we dig’m. A lot! As you might have read when we wrote about their split album The Eastern Scrolls with Aiwass or when we ranted away about their earlier album Heavy On The Cosmic. Well, they’re about to release on December 8th throught Black Throne Productions, a four track EP called Luna, and only yesterday, they hurled out into the world, the lead single The Figure… And if I had not already been totally smitten with AAWKS, I would have been after hearing The Figure… (And the rest of Luna solidifies that infatuation!) Aaaaaawww… 


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The band elaborates on the single: "The Figure picks up where we left off with Heavy on the Cosmic. Still heavily inspired by themes of the otherworldly, allegorical, fantastical, psychedelic and occult imagery of our first album but this time with a bit of a darker, more surrealistic twist. Heavy on the Cosmic used a Technicolor palette throughout most of our songs where the second album will play more in the darker corners of the room, in the shadows, where the candles flicker. This time we’re focused a bit more on the flights of the amygdala than distortions of the pineal. We’ve still travelled through portals to far off lands but this time will be set more in the wee hours, alone in a forest, near a swamp. This time will be more going to battle with our demons than picking mushrooms in the grove…"

And, of the album, the band shares:

"LUNA - the goddess of the moon (Roman mythology)

Cultures have been obsessed with the mysterious, magnetic wonders of the moon since the dawn of time. We’ve also been fascinated by 'the unexplained' and tried to make meaning of the messages in dreams or weird lights in the night sky. This collection of songs entitled LUNA each represent the aforementioned subjects in some way or another. We may not have the answers but we did our best to paint the feeling and thoughts one may have while walking down a path, alone in the woods at night or maybe waking up from an odd dream that left you questioning 'what did that mean?'

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