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The Doom Charts for November 2023




“He had never been willing to believe that life had to be as gray and dull as people claimed. He heard them saying: “Life is like that,” but he couldn’t agree. He never stopped believing in mysteries and miracles.” ~ The Neverending Story

It’s not easy to keep believing in miracles and mysteries with a world in so much turmoil. But many of us are still extremely lucky to have all this music to escape into. If only for an hour. Or two. As with everything, music is in the eye of the beholder. Extremely subjective. One person’s soundtrack to their life can do little for another. One of us might be absolutely smitten with a certain record while another just shrugs and puts on her or his favorite one. But as long as someone loves a certain album and professes that love, this place of wonder called the Heavy Underground will continue to grow and blossom. I’ve always been of the mind that creativity, art, books and perhaps most importantly or easily music, is still a doorway to the more magical side of life. One that should be cherished and shared. Below is the attempt of a pack of heavy music enthusiasts to profess their love for what they feel are the forty best albums they heard last month. In total 226 albums received votes this month and that seems to be a staggering amount of great records released. Each month. Cause even though only forty get published on the Doom Charts you can bet your ass that the ones voting for the albums that come in at forty-one or two-hundred-twenty-six will be professing their love for that album on their own personal sites, the outlets they write for, the podcasts they make or the videos they share. Or if you are lucky, it will be the guy or girl you did not know before, yapping on about it at a friend’s birthday party or some local dive bar… And well, that might just be your own personal luckdragon bringing you your next favorite album…  

November might be a weird month, with a lot of looking forward to Year-End-Lists, but the forty albums on the November edition of the Doom Charts probably all deserve a sport on some of your Year-End-Lists... Best be checking them all!

And certainly since it's #bandcampfriday!

Personal votes on the list went out to: Super American Eagle, Spidergawd, Wodorost, Robots of the Ancient World, Ritual King, GREEN LUNG, TRAVO, Wet Cactus... Kleazer, Asteroid Witch, Greenseeker, Chief of Smoke, Mos Eisley Spaceport, Mountain Of Misery, Left Eye Perspective, Honeygiant, Saltpig, Burn Ritual, ANANDA MIDA & Jerky Dirt ...

We already wrote a few words about the new From The Depths album by Wodorost, which you can read HERE. And hope to write some more about a few others on the list... But as usual, we start out weekend Doom Charts listening session with Number 40: Modder! And hope to write a line or two about 40 to 26 on FB before the weekend is through...

Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio, podcasters and reviewers from the heavy underground around the globe.  Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge, metal, stoner, psychedelic and heavy rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below.  This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world…


The Doom Charts for November 2023

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