woensdag 10 mei 2017

Brume – Rooster

Brume – Rooster
Doom Stew Records – 2017
Doom, Psychedelic, Hard Rock
Rated: ****

Brume have emerged from the depths of some Lovecraftian landscape to deliver an album dripping in doom, portent and heaviness. Rooster delivers songs of subterranean hymns weighed down with atmosphere and foreboding. The guitars are wickedly fuzzed and low-end, giving the songs a decidedly enveloping sonic envelope on which the band can run riot. The tracks are… (and I’m gonna use words that have been overused to such an extent that they are now common place in reviews and are in danger of being just lazy clichés but in this case, they are well deserved) …epic, monolithic and majestic with their length and breath of vision and sheer brooding riff mongering! The vocals have passion and soul but never resort to just screams, instead the melodic chants give a plaintive feel - buried down in the mix, are they pleas for help or a softly spoken curse? Solos are not fretboard wanking but slow, unhurried notes that carry real purpose and meaning and fit in perfectly with the song passages. There are acoustic moments of tenderness and peacefulness which gives a calming effect before the descent into darkness continues. Billy Anderson produced and sprinkled his doom fairy dust over everything.

(Written by Tony Maim)

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