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Ping Machines – Baby



Ping Machines – Baby
Self-released – 2023
Rock, Stoner, Alternative, Punk, Psych
Rated: ****

The five from Schwyz, Switzerland called Ping Machines delivered their Baby back in August of 2023. And ever since then the album has found its way back into rotation on a weekly basis. And with every time it spun; our love for it grew and our self-hatred as well. That nagging voice in my head demanding to spend more time with it and to write a few words of praise about it. But of course, it took another few spins and another spiraling towards the bottom of the bottomless pit moment before we finally found time to put their Baby on and start typing away. Founded in the same year Stoner HiVe started blogging, that’s 2009 for ya, the band delivered two EP’s before coming out with the self-titled debut full-sized album in 2017. So, Baby is their sophomore release and sports nine tracks and almost forty minutes of alternative rock, stonerrock, with a psychedelic edge here or there and definitely some punk spirit. A vocalist the offers up something eighties punk one moment, a bit spacey the next, or gritty and teeth clenching, but always with his own definite style. Fascinating how this album seems to set itself so apart from everything else in the Heavy Underground, even though it has all the same elements. Soaring leads, beautiful solo work, rough riffs, a fuzzed-out bass, grandiose drumming. It’s all there and then some, but for some reason the album feels more different than it actually might be. But this is a good thing, short and sweet stomper 1 2 Another, sits in the middle of the record and serves as a snap in the air, louder than a cannon. You will feel your blood rush during those two and a half minutes. After which things quiet down at the Cemetery, returning with the steady beat of the drums is your heartbeat, slowing down, and you will feel your extremities spasm along with those twitching vocals. In all its simplicity, it is beautifully crafted. Those highlighted chimes, that story telling vibe. And that’s after already been hooked by smash ‘n grab opener title track Baby, stoner stomper Message To The Moon and with more good stuff to come. Cause instrumental Bononantis combines both that stomp with the soar, and that cosmic touch in a mostly mid-tempo range. You in for another prize-winning song? Next up is Jolyn, eighties touched, the guitar takes this home as much as the drums, but so do the vocals.  The man must be Iggy inspired cause there are definite pinpoints across the entire song and album. Haunting and irresistible, this one track will get all your hairs on end and your blood racing around your veins. And closer Down To The Others, brings on the cold sweat, because it’s the end of the album. And a glorious one that is. And you will understand that the Ping Machines took a riff and made it their Baby!

(Written by JK)





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