dinsdag 14 november 2023

Doomherre – Bonegoat



Doomherre – Bonegoat
Self-released / Skatbo Records – 2023
Doom, Metal, Proto, Stoner, Punk
Rated: ****

Feast or famine? Love the logo, love the artwork, the entire aesthetic of everything Doomherre. And how can one not love the music that is spread out over their debut album called Bonegoat. Eight tracks that deliver the classic heavy metal, the classic doom, the proto of yore and everything you love from the legendary bands that started it all. Title track opener shows its colors immediately and when you use them ominous church bells to end said track, you know you will be in for a majestic doom adventure. Following track, We Come For The Witch starts off way more punk inspired before slowing down to the doom approach once more. And that highlights that other influence that returns now and again, for they definitely have some punk spirit running wild in the Doomherre blood. The three Swedes Daniel Strachal (formerly of Lobotomy, Blindfold, and Brainwarp – ex Nihilist), Victor Takala (Eyekon, The Broke, and former session live-member of Katatonia), and Max Collin (Lobotomy, Blindfold, and Votary) implore that punk spirit whenever the track calls for a faster touch and their eighties metal love steps if that speed calls for something move heavy. But for the most part it is the classic doom and metal; and that feels like a righteous celebration of those genres. An almost ageless, yet highly traditional feast for the doom senses, give your allegiance to Doomherre.  

(Written by JK)






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