maandag 12 april 2021

The Mountain King – The Smell Of Stars And Vomit



The Mountain King – The Smell Of Stars And Vomit
Cursed Monk Records – 2021
Rock, Doom, Drone, Metal, Psych, Space, Ambient
Rated: ***

It arrived late December 2020 and even though a new release called C.A.O.S.D. is already announced; we are still trying to come to grips with that earlier The Mountain King release The Smell Of Stars And Vomit. It turned into a mountainous one man operation by Mr. McQueen, except for the mastering, which was done by Monolord's very own Esben Willems. The entire project is over one and half hour long and will take you through ever rabbit hole you ever imagine existed. It is almost ridiculous in scale and almost too wild in all its imagining. There is a lot of drone and ambient contemplation; but it will never completely forgo that which it clearly sets out to do: tell a story. A space opera that will move you to tears with its tales of desperation and despair; and will flaunt your heart with glimmers of hope and faith. With enough proggy touches, metal bass work and glowing post rock sections The Smell Of Stars And Vomit will entice you back for more; whenever you know you have two hours to spare. For it is something you need to experience in one go, lying down, being slowly being engulfed by it all and then whisked away towards that endless plane of vacuum and infinite void….

(Written by JK)




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