vrijdag 26 februari 2021

Rostro Del Sol – Rostro Del Sol



Rostro Del Sol – Rostro Del Sol
LSDR Records – 2021
Rock, Seventies, Prog, Psych, Jazz, Instrumental
Rated: ****

The Four-piece Rostro Del Sol from Mexico delivered their self-titled debut album in January and featured prominently on the Doom Charts of that month. And rightfully so; and hopefully they will be making the list this month as well. I sure as hell will vote for ‘em! Channeling those jazzy prog rock legends from the seventies, invoking the jam band spirit of every era; this is exactly the kind of luscious classic progressive sound every freak used to freak out to! Indeed, turn on, tune in and drop out; it’s time to start worshipping the good stuff in a huge way. A bit of vintage sounding funk here, some bluesy notes there and a whole lot of jazzy eb and flow. And the top that all off with the exact the right amount of psychedelic insanity and pure love for the virtuous notes that need to fly freely through the atmosphere. This is the music those notes make, music for music’s sake. It’s saying things that can’t be put into the tongue. This is good music.

(Written by JK)




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