maandag 18 mei 2020

Mooch – Hounds

Mooch – Hounds
Self released – 2020
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Blues
Rated: *****

Hounds is the debut full-sized album by Mooch, a heavy rock outfit from Montreal. It was recorded in their hometown Segpop Studios and at the Jalamanta Studio with productional aid from Brant Bjork. And it’s audible; there is this intense sun dried vibe going on and the guitar crackles with shimmering heat. It’s a powerful desert fueled, blues inspired sound. Add to this all the Jim Morrison colored voice of guitarist Ben Cornel and you’ve got something classic on your hands. A record that might even go on to become something very mythical in the near future. There is so much to enjoy here, a fantastic groove, impressive compositions and a closing track that will leave you longing for so much more. Cause the build-up, the different tracks you hear on this album while you approach that title-track closer of Hounds is already damn amazing. As we already mentioned, fuzzy stoner, gritty desert, lo end grunge, seventies love and diesel blues. It’s all there! And then to close it all off with what might be the best track of the record is just a pristine and wild idea! The Hounds are loose!

(Written by JK)

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