dinsdag 19 mei 2020

Faith In Jane - Mother To Earth

Faith In Jane - Mother To Earth
Self released - May 2020
Doom, Stoner, Psych, Southern
Rated: ****

Maryland heavy treasures Faith In Jane return with their seventh release in almost as many years, and deliver once again. True to their method, the newest album Mother To Earth sees the trio add creative layers to their trademark sound, topping off their psychedelic doom and stoner crunch with classic 70s licks and some southern flavor to boot. The guitar soars, the thick bass grooves clearly in the mix, and the drums switch deftly between mad rushes and delicate play. Needless to say, the deep vocals are as strong as ever, both coarse and stirring. Opener "The Circle" begins with an uptempo rush that quickly launches into a psyched out solo, starting the album off at full speed. The following throwback shuffle's tones are warm without losing heft or the rumbling low end, and is just a taste of things to come. Across the LP's ten tracks, Faith In Jane range from bluesy southern flair in "Patient and Simple" to the eerie stop-start doom of "Weight Of A Dream" and the title cut's stomping proto riffs. Standout epic "The Well" brings the group's wide range of strengths fully to bear in its eight minute plus runtime. Quick, ringing licks from the school of Soundgarden cut into the slow roll, and soon an upbeat southern boogie coated in fuzz takes over. The track swells and accelerates into a crunching attack, then comes back to Earth to resume its doomed groove amid trippy solos and deft cymbals. Faith In Jane have outdone themselves yet again on Mother To Earth, an epic ride that's both fresh and unmistakably theirs. The added 70s and southern touches flow together seamlessly with the group's doom and roll, creating an album of entrancing, toe-tapping heavy brilliance.

(Written by Shasta Beast)

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