woensdag 15 mei 2013

Ian James – Human Casualty

Ian James – Human Casualty
Blue FX records – 2013
Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Alternative
Rated: ***

Lowell, Massachusetts is not a name that will immediately spark a light inside everyone’s mind. But the city has housed quite a few important historical figures and has been a frontrunner in both cultural and technological revolutions. Citizen Ian James will not start the next revolution with his new solo effort called Human Casualty. He will however stand firmly on the barricade with balled fists proclaiming his love for artistry and artisan music. As a solo artist and one man band he expertly navigates the dangers that such an endeavor usually entails. It quickly envelops the mind and throws the listener back through time when the magical Wall of Voodoo paved the way for acts such as The Cure. But he never goes the new wave route; he stays on the psychedelic rock road that uses guitars as weapons and words with deadly precision. He means what he sings and he sings what he feels that needs to be sung. After a few spins the rhythm box becomes the hypnotic lizard nod in your brainstem and his voice the tongue that licks your cerebellum…

(Written by JK)

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