woensdag 20 mei 2020

The Dhaze – Deaf Dumb Blind

The Dhaze – Deaf Dumb Blind
Sound Effect Records – 2020
Rock, Alternative, Stoner, Grunge, Metal, Prog
Rated: ****

A power trio from the outskirts of Napels, Italy called The Dhaze released their debut album Deaf Dumb Blind three months ago and it has been spinning quite regularly over here. The eight tracks follow a path through the dark side of human nature and have this new age alternative rock sound going on that immediately pulls you in. The expertly use different sides of hardrock, grunge and even AOR to complete the overall heavy psychedelic sound and progressive metal compositions. Very impressive grungy vocals give it a rawer edge, but with a production value so crystal clear the brutal side quickly takes a backseat to the more languid approach of metal and prog and hardrock. Every track seems to have a certain special something, making you fall in love with one of them, and then the next time another. Currently my special love goes out to Death Walks With Me. But, there are so many different approaches to enjoy here, it leaves every listening session open for new interpretation. And it leaves The Dhaze open to explore each of those sides even more; cause all of them fit the three like a glove!

(Written by JK)

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