maandag 14 oktober 2019

Nightstalker - Great Hallucinations

Nightstalker - Great Hallucinations
Heavy Psych Sounds Records - 2019
Stoner Rock, Psych
Rated: ****

Stalwarts and leaders of the Greek heavy scene for over two decades, Nightstalker return with their sixth LP Great Hallucinations and prove once again their well-earned reputation. Invoking hazy vocal hooks, mastery of groove, and a combination of warm tone and thick crunch, the quartet provide an unquestionably professional album of classic, psych-tinged stoner rock from start to finish. Over constantly tight, driving drumming, the riffs bounce with grainy fuzz and booming low end, perfectly mixed with catchy Ozzy-esque vocals. Starting with the adrenaline rush of rocking opener “Black Cloud”, Nightstalker show impressive range with the slower, at times delicate “Sweet Knife” followed by the standout slinking, sexy groove of “Sad Side of the City”, the riffs punctuated by thunderous stop-start bass before morphing into soaring guitar. And oh, that bass. Clear and full in the mix, the toe-tapping bass lines bring heaps of groove perfectly in sync with the fluid drumming, which moves between subdued cymbal play and lightning fast fills across the eight tracks. “Hole in the Mirror”, another album highlight, pulls from the best of the previous tracks with a warm, shimmering intro into molten guitar, eventually shifting from languid psych to rolling low end crunch. Showing off the songwriting skills developed over their decades-long tenure, Nightstalker deliver a hip-shaking masterclass in psychedelic stoner rock with Great Hallucinations, laying down groove upon fuzzy groove with style to spare.

(Written by Kyle)

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